Limited Edition - 030

The second limited edition is the 030, a double IPA named after the area code of the city of Utrecht. The beer is heavy in both alcohol and hoppiness. For this beer three very exclusive hops have been used that come from all around the globe: Lemondrop is from the US, Wai´iti is from New-Zealand and Barbe Rouge is from France.

Graphic designer Jasper ten Kleij is responsible for the design of the label. Jasper is a huge fan of the low-poly style, hence is became clear quite early that this would be the style for the label. The concept of hops from different parts of the world inspired Jasper to design three different labels, each for one of the countries of origin of the hops.


Name: 030
Type: Double India Pale Ale
Vol% Alc: 8,0
Plato: 18°
Bitterness: 80 IBU
Color: 13 EBC
Hops, o.a.: Magnum, Citra, Wai’iti, Lemondrop, Barbe Rouge
Malts, o.a.: Pale ale malt, Pilsenermalt
Others: Dryhop with Wai’iti, Lemondrop, Barbe Rouge
Taste profile: Lime, mint, citrus
Storage advice: Cool and dark.
Pouring advice: The 030 is best served at 8-10 degrees Celsius. This is the best temperature for the flavors to be enjoyed.
Beer-food pairing advice: Beers with a lot of bitterness, such as the DIPA, are best combined with salty or fried dishes. Examples are fried chicken or salted meats. Also grilled meats (barbecue) fit well with the bitter and hoppy flavors of the beer.

Also strong cheeses such as Stilton, blue cheese and a strong cheddar are a great combination with this double IPA. The hops and alcohol in the beer combine perfectly well with the saltiness of the cheese. Also, the cheeses leave a creamy film on your tongue which can be broken by the hops and the alcohol.

Dessert wise it is best to go for a strongly flavored variant including caramel, salt and spiciness.